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Turn to Gregory M. Janks for assistance in handling your legal malpractice claim. He will represent you against an attorney who has breached the standard of practice in providing legal services. This might occur in any type of legal representation, including, but not limited to:

GREGORY M. JANKS Attorney at Law, P.C. is a reputable legal malpractice lawyer in Michigan who will represent you in court. Speak directly with him about the details of your case today.

The statute of limitations in legal malpractice claims is 2 years. Various steps must be taken before litigation can be filed.

Please be reminded that the attorney does not handle legal malpractice claims involving criminal cases or investigations. Call (248) 877-4499 today to schedule a personal consultation with GREGORY M. JANKS Attorney at Law, P.C.

Providing The Legal Assistance You Need for Breach of The Standard of Legal Practice

Expert testimony is necessary to demonstrate a violation of the standard of practice in your case. Such breaches include:

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