Michigan Car Accident Lawyer for Auto Negligence Cases

Auto Accident

Motor vehicle liability cases arise out of auto, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Get the resolution you deserve with the help of Gregory M. Janks, Attorney at Law, P.C., a reputable car accident lawyer in Michigan. He will represent you whether you want him to file an out-of-court claim or a lawsuit in court against the party or parties at fault, such as the driver/owner of the at-fault car.

Greg can help you file a “pain and suffering” claim under Michigan’s No-Fault insurance legislation. According to the law, your injuries must have met a “threshold” of death, serious impairment of a body function, or permanent severe disfigurement. (MCL 500.3101 et seq.).

GREGORY M. JANKS Attorney at Law, P.C. can also help with your first-party claims (also known as No-Fault claims) versus your car insurer to pay PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits. Such benefits include: 

These benefits are payable regardless of culpability. The claim must be made in writing and has a one-year time limit (MCL 500.3101 et seq.). GREGORY M. JANKS Attorney at Law, P.C. is pleased to analyze your specific situation.

He will encourage you to handle any PIP claims yourself to avoid paying attorney fees because your insurer will typically voluntarily pay the claim. If you opt not to manage the claim yourself, or if it is denied, he will be happy to represent you in the PIP claim.

Other Motor Vehicle-Related Cases

GREGORY M. JANKS Attorney at Law, P.C. also handles other motor vehicle-related cases, such as:
Dram Shop Liability

This occurs when a driver is visibly intoxicated and was still being served alcohol after that. In most cases, it takes eyewitness testimony to prove such ongoing service. There is a 120-day written notice requirement once you retain counsel and a two-year statute of limitations (MCL 436.1801).

Highway Liability

This is where the improved part of the road has a defect that existed for 30 days or more and caused or contributed to the motor vehicle accident. A two-year statute of limitations and a 120-day written notice requirement apply. (MCL 691.1402 et seq.).